Machinery Directive: EGMF contributes to shaping the legislation

Machinery Directive: EGMF contributes to shaping the legislation

The Machinery Directive remains a robust piece of legislation, also in light of new technologies. This is the main message advocated by EGMF in the context of the revision process.

In December 2020, EGMF provided detailed feedback on the European Commission draft proposals to revise the Machinery Directive (MD), which were presented during the Machinery Working Group meeting on 9-10 November.

A core message outlined in the EGMF comments was that, thanks to their technology neutrality, the essential requirements of the Machinery Directive can address the challenges that may be posed by emerging technologies. New clauses related to external influences or protection against accidental or intentional corruption should be included in a separate horizontal legislation for cybersecurity, applicable to all CE marking directives and regulations.

Most importantly, EGMF strongly supported the proposed definitions and requirements regarding digital instructions. We were happy to see that these proposals took on board the original EGMF proposal of a quick start guide/simplified instructions, renamed by the European Commission as ‘safety manual’. To improve the new text proposed by the Commission, EGMF provided a number of clarifications and complementary amendments on the contents of the instructions, notably of the safety manual.

Finally, EGMF proactively recommended to the Commission that the introduction of the electronic Declaration of Conformity should also be considered in the official proposal, as part of the objective to enforce digital documentation.