EGMF Compliance Guides – 2020 edition out now

EGMF Compliance Guides – 2020 edition out now

In September 2016, EGMF presented the first batch of compliance guides. The aim was to assist market surveillance and border control authorities in checking the conformity of various types of garden machinery equipment enter the EU market.

EGMF have now created a new series of these Compliance Guides intended for quick evaluation of combustion engine and electric powered equipment.

While EGMF member manufacturers build products that are compliant with EU legislation on safety and the environment, not all products on the market in Europe meet the same stringent levels. Counterfeit and non-compliant products are likely to present a safety hazard to consumers and are damaging to the environment.

The guides focus on the following key areas:

    • Identification of the key parts of the machine
    • The applicable EU Directives and Regulations
    • The applicable EU Harmonised standards
    • The main marking requirements such as CE, Engine exhaust emission, Guaranteed sound power level, WEEE symbol
    • The required warning symbols
    • The documentation that must be provided such as instructions and Declaration of Conformity

The full list of updated Compliance Guides, divided by specific garden machinery products, are now available now for download.